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  1. Korean Air takes delivery of its 200th Boeing Aircraft:

    Seoul, Korea - Korean Air took the delivery of its 25th Boeing 777-300ER, the 200th Boeing aircraft received by the airline since 1971. 

    Korean Air currently operates 119 of these aircraft. The first Boeing aircraft received by Korea's national airline was a Boeing 707-3B5C.

     The Boeing 707 was a mid-sized, long-range, narrow-body aircraft powered by four turbofan engines. The aircraft was built from 1958 to 1979. 

    This latest Boeing 777-300ER is painted with a special livery to show that it is the 200th Boeing aircraft of Korean Air.

    Korean Air put its first 777-300ER in service in 2009. 

    Korean Air flies to 124 cities in 44 countries with 119 Boeing and 49 Airbus aircraft.

    Korean Air 777-300 HL8346 (84-200th)(Ldg) PAE (ND)(46)-625x417.jpg



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