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Status Updates posted by TK122

  1. Just a few hours left for flying AMS-FRA-FDH...

  2. Negotiation with British Airways went perfect!!!

  3. The A380 has been added to the fleet and the project is finished! Up to the next project!!!!

  4. Parking Brakes: “SET”, Throttle: “IDLE”, Doors, “LOCKED”, Instruments: “CHECKED”, Engines: “OPERATIONAL”, Nav Equipment: “CHECK”, Lights: “ON”, Transponder: “ON”… TK1244 requests takeoff clearance to Dornbirn, Austria!

  5. OHY456/ OHY455, back in the Netherlands

  6. NEVER GIVE UP...!!!

  7. Blocks off and pushback!!! We are ready for the next project!!

  8. Joined six years ago! Thank you all for all the contributions, discussions, sharings! Wish the very best to you all!!!

  9. My new website is up and running! If you are interested in the aviation of DPRK, than this is your place to be:


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